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Greetings. Welcome to the Greg.

I have an idea, for a game. Right? So, I thought, why not make it?

Greg is supposed to be the, like, first full proper game (yes it's titled Greg). The focus will be on making and releasing something complete for once, so the scope of this should remain small. Also, focus on the art and stuff should remain minimal. I don't want to work on this for too long. So my initial guess for release? I would like to have this finished in August. 2022.

This game would focus on a loser named Greg. I want to pull a lot of the plot and characters from dreams I've had, since I've been writing them down when i remember them. So, this loser named Greg gets driven to his home town after a long while away from it. He discovers that the his childhood house has been overtaken by an old lady who is using it as a flower shop! He must level up and get stronger to finally take on this granny and kick her out of his house. I think the premise is... Uh, how do I put this. It is a bit... PERFECT!!!! Ideal premise for a video game!!

The game would be an RPG made in the Godot engine, since I like RPGs* and I like Godot. Aesthetically I want to make all the art in MS Paint and not use any newly made music for it- only songs I've already made (which are old and bad). And I think the user interface should look like those old Windowses, right? 95, 98, and XP with the boring grey theme turned on. This all would play into the recent popularity of those "web-core" and "dream-core" and "whatever-wave" genres that the kids really like. I might be one of those kids, too.

I want to use this page as like a devlog for the game. I considered making an actual YouTube series for the devlog but I don't think I can manage that with my free time and low enough motivation. ALSO, very important: if you're somehow reading this and see me slacking, please pester me about it. Someone needs to enforce this. Schedule.

And the schedule would be like, a post every sunday? Perhaps?

if youre reading this, you porbably cant read the etytext on the image and that's sad because im too lazy to type out all the text on the iamge

The outline for the game plot and stuff. Zoom in if you have to (open image in new tab)!

*By RPGs I mean stuff like Deltarune and Omori and Off since those are the only RPGs I've played basically (haven't finished Earthbound or Yume Nikki or Hylics yet. Am Nooba)

First devlog - 04-10.04.2022

Second devlog - 11-17.04.2022

Third devlog - 18-24.04.2022

Fourth devlog - 25-04. - 1.05.2022

Fifth devlog - 02-08.05.2022

Sixth devlog - 09-15.05.2022

Seventh devlog - 16-29.05.2022