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Greetings! This is the page where I share FUN FACTS AND TRIVIA about all the uploads on my Soundcloud! I will probably regret this in the future, but I'm ordering them from oldest to newest, also known as: worst to best. So scroll to the bottom straight away??? 🥴

Also, the ONLY goal of this page is self promotion and to also get a million plays on soundcloud. soundclout

"trillada" is the first piece of "real" music coming from me, or so I think. It's made in Bosca Ceoil. I think the thing I liked about it was the, uh, melodic thing?? By the lead instrument? When it goes fast I went "oooh" I think. I don't really remember. Oh right, that's why it's called trillada! The thing does a trilling thing! Yeahh ahahah!

"Vent" is the other song made in Bosca Ceoil. I still think the precussion sounds pretty interesting. And the places when the brass-ish thing goes bwwaaaaammm that's pretty cool too. It's dissonant actually but I don't hear it most of the time? I'm realising that the, uh, comments that I can give on these songs... They're SUPER insightful! I'm so good at describing things.

From "weeow" onward, songs are made on Jummbox. I initially tried to do the trick that I mastered in Bosca Ceoil: to place notes randomly in a scale and then they sound good. But I had realised already that that wasn't particularily creative. So after this I tried harder to make, uh, more original sounding songs. I still like the weeowy sounds at the end. of the song. Pitch bending is really powerful in Beepbox/Jummbox.

Also mentioning the guy on the pictures the last three songs had: his name is Bernando. Too bad he like, died or something during weeow :/

Original description from Soundcloud: "i might've gotten too bold with the uuh. things. instruments. sorry in advance"

As a music man (for some reason I am reluctant to call myself a "composer"), it sucks when you get a cool musical idea and then forget it before you can write it down somewhere. Well, "flower dance" was the result of me managing to remember the musical idea! Thankfully the distance between the place I got the idea in (toilet) and my computer was small. You might've noticed that this song SUCKS, which, thinking back, should not come off as such a surprise considering where I got the idea from. This was also my first proper experience with randomly generated instuments in Jummbox, and with using the "free" scale option where all notes are allowed. So it's entirely my fault that it sounds bad.

"could i make a music interesting by droning the base on and on and on but adding bells and whistles every now and then? not yet" (All original Soundcloud descriptions will be provided in italics from now on)

Reading the description, I think I actually discovered my music making process right here. Wow. So this particular song was important in me figuring out the process, got it. Not much else to say about it, since it's bad!

"Fun" fact about the picture... I think it's a screenshot of a Notepad document I used to rehearse for a history test coming up? I don't remember properly.

"tried to do something more ambient-ish this time. i realised that with me constantly saying im not good at something, there is going to be a point at which i have to acknowledge being good at something. i have time until that though"

Oh, "Glum"! I actually really like this still! It sounds kinda dark and brooding, and when the melody comes in - oh yeeeah! The only part I don't like is around the second half, when the square wave comes in plays a Scooby Doo or Goosebumps or something sounding melody. Not too fond of that! But other than that, again, I really like it. I guess I must admit that I was good at making Glum 😎

"wiiu wiiu wiiu wiiu wiiuwiiuwiiuwiiu"

An example of my process working quite well for the time. Fun fact: the icon is a crappy alien mapped screenshot of a Minecraft resource pack I was making at the time.

"ha" ⬅ best description of a song ever

This one is another one of those that I still kind of like. I think this is the first time I really tried layering drum channels? Also opening the project, I'm surprised how few melodic channels there are, since the lead sounds very full.

My god.

" I'm having a hard time trying to come up with something to write here
Oh! i just thought of something. So the uuh melody in the beginning right? I wanted to use that later on as well. Kinda- kind of a continuity thing, y'know? But the uuh. I think the current ending is.. is alright with how it is and, well... I didn't want to like.. risk..? Risk ruining the feeling I had there, at the time... Also, this is the first time I discovered the uuh. Modulation channels, I think they're called, in Jummbox, alright. They, uh, they make those.. weird effect thingies at the end of the song- You know what would be brilliant? If.. module channels, could, uh, change the KEY of the song, yeah? That would- that would provide a, well, a really easy way of, um. Changing up the song, right? Give it a bit of... variety, um. Yeah I think that's all- uh, all I've got to say. Okay, maybe a bit of 'äö ' Õ üq'Õö'õüfö ÕÜÖÕÜö'õ ü as well for good measure, y'know? Alright, cheers
HA! Just- just had another thought, ha. So.. what if I like, used these descriptions to uh, distract you, from- from realising how bad the, uh.. how bad my songs are. Just a funny thought there, really.
OH and also, I - I kind of regret not uh. Changing the pitch of the. Well, uh background track- It's almost precussion there, at that point- What I mean is.. it uh.. It might've sounded better if I... Made the background kind of like bassier? In the.. in the final part at the points where the.. bleep-bloop melody kind of dips in pitch as well. That's-That's also a thought, that, uh, I had "

That's quite the original description. I think my plan to distract readers worked actually, since this got over 20 plays as of writing this! And an actual person, not a bot gave it a like! Nice. Also, please imagine the voice of Wheatley reading this! Cheers.

"it's experimental alright, ha ha"

Finally started using modulation channels for good. The panning arpeggio reminded me a LOT of the soundtrack of Portal 2. I think that's why it's called "The Experiment"?

"The nice harmony at like 30 secs with the "bassy" piano noise was a complete accident :DDDDD"

This is titled "Crime against Piano" because you really should not play something like this on a single piano. Also it's a dreaded IN-JOKE about a song that I made on Bosca Ceoil a long time ago. This isn't even the last song that I referred to as "piano torture".

"the uuh"

This song... It's actually good. I started out with the melody and chords and noticed that they sounded kind of beautiful? And then I expanded it from there and I managed to not ruin it! Completely!

This is the initial musical idea/sketch. I export them quite often so I can get immediate feedback. I should post more of these concept audio clips.

I should mention that most of my song titles are come up with after the song is finished and I need to share it somewhere. And then they get these nonsense titles based on the current conversation I was having on Discord. The song icons too are often based on a meme sent to me on Discord.

"fun track! until it isnt"

Hehehe! I really liked the dissonant sounding lead in a tiny musical idea, and then I expanded it, as is custom by now.

This is the original idea. I really wish I kept the initial tempo because it sounds much cooler... The reason for changing it? 150 is the default tempo on Jummbox, and I felt that I would be lazy if I kept the default tempo! Silly, I know right? I still feel that way nowadays actually...

And the second half of the song. I think it sounds cool? Hm... The rising octave thing sure does.

"I gotta be 'onest with ya: I really like this, actually."

And I still do. I usually think of this one and Bad Ideas In england as a pair, because their processes were very similar. Look, a musical idea!

I also want to point out the dissonant sounding interlude, how it briefly harmonises with the bass and then doesn't! Very cool to me for some reason.

"Repetitive but it kind of works?? i like it somewhat"

This song is important! It establishes a bit of a style you see... The album that I posted on Bandcamp, "gubufo" is based on these repetitive song ideas that drag on for a long time. And that album is important because I got a lot of practice in on making music. COol.

Stage 6 is without description.

I mean, uh... This is actually part of, like, a series... Songs based on biomes. I think I made like 6 or 7 of them in total? And they did get pretty good, the latest ones. Sadly I stopped making them for some reason. Oh well.

Here's a short preview of one of those songs :) (titled "Jungle"). These songs exhibit a different style than gubufo did, since I had grown as a person and musician by then.

I actually like the chord progression in this, (the second half when there are actual chords) despite it being nonsensical and dissonant. Fantastic.

BONUS FUN FACT: up until putting this here, this song had 0 plays on soundcloud 😊

"this is kinda the first track i made in lmms that im comfortable with posting. it's a kind of loopy track with some cool sounding echoy synths and s tuff."

If you read the introduction, you'll know that it was quite hard for me to acclimate to LMMS coming from Jummbox, hence the reluctance to post anything made in LMMS.

I really don't know how to comment on this specific song though! Despite it being my first LMMS Soundcloud post, it leaves me cold. Really not special. In fact at some point I tried to use its melody somewhere and it went nowhere. Absolute dead zone in Lythr0nax music history!

"lmms arpeggio thing mostly"

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Extremely repetitive bass line and precussion... Nonsensical melody? based on automatic arpeggios! A drone coming in at some point for some reason! Perfect song!

But like, seriously. This has no business being this chill. I could listen to this forever. The #arthbound mellow piano instrument that acts as both bass and lead and ✨sparkly sounds✨... The manual filter automation! MmmmmM! Very good.

I have tried to capitalise on its success by remixing it - futile! I am actually really sad that I can't seem to replicate its style. I would listen to a whole album of tunes like this...


Wtf? Why did I bother to post this when I already posted A rhythm? You can really hear my troubles with mixing in LMMS in this song. I never did manage to make this one sound nice, even though I have tried even after posting it on Soundcloud.

"ok so this is the my most favorite track so far that i've made in lmms
i feel like i'm finally starting to get to the musical style that i want to achieve (the key changes sound really nice in the trumpet section)
so yeah. basically."

This is a song that I really like, and especially liked when I first finished it. Somehow I managed to pack a TON of little details and stuff in it. Or, well, not really, but it sounds like I did. Which is all that matters.

I have a little place for this song (or an updated version) where I could use it...

"lmms ambient-y thing. learned about sample bpm syncing and changing."

The, uh, only fault I can give this is that there's reverb on the kicks! Which is really noticeable to me now. (It wasn't before) The precussion sounds pretty interesting with that filter automation on it... And it was a good choice to also put that filter on the rock crystal arp! And the melody is pretty interesting, I think.

I also have a little place for a song based on this one... The "pad" sound in this is sampled from an older song of mine, titled "Iodine", which was ugly but had a pretty good melody idea.

"I'm proud of this one!!

I started with the very simple descending bassline and drums then added organ sounds for some reason and uuh. I liked it! I also added that melody thing that plays during some sections of the song... It's a very important melody. I think.

I made this in around 2 hours.. started at 11 and finished at 1 am lol... but it was worth losing sleep over I think. Today I just tried to master it a bit... I think it sounds really nice but could use a little more variation... I mean the key doesn't really change at all. But maybe it fits the title that way... It also reminds me of DM DOKURO's Terraria Calamity mod soundtrack... uuh, I don't know what to make of that

Also what genre is this?!??!?! HELP?!

Anyway, I hope you can find enjoyment out of this as well... whoever is it that listens to this... and isn't a bot..."

Well, we finally get to the GOOD stuff. In my humble opinion :) I think the old description is pretty good.

I, of course, have a place for this song... Also when I'm talking about these, uh, places for my songs. Don't expect anything. Or at least not for like 10 years. On we go...

"1 AM music strikes again! I think

Anyway I think this sounds interesting. It's pretty ear grating but also has some neat harmonies. And I'm pretty sure I've managed to put some sort of emotion in this. But what emotion?=??= = nStill a mistery it is..."

This might be the best song I've made so far. That last part? I am an absolute genius for making it! Overall very lucky how this turned out. The instrument choice was great. Fun fact: those drum samples are going to get me sued!

I plan on putting this music in a video game (not Greg, no, it's way too epic for Greg...).

"Back when I actually went outside sometimes!! AHahaahah!
Greg music. Ambient and stuff. I think it sounds cool. Also kind of return to Jummbox? Hmm?"

This is a whole lot calmer than the last two songs. It was in fact very nice to make something in Jummbox again... I like the no-pressure environment :) The second part of the song... That lead that plays in your left ear... That used to give me goosebumps when I heard it. I'm now desensitsed to it.

"aiiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai I made this song as an offering to Manson (featured in thumbnail picture). HOpe he likes it!!! i sure do"

Actually this is ALSO the best song I've ever made, and unlike Pesticide, this cannot be surpassed in goodness. Like, I LOVE this song. The energy of it... And when I added those voice samples!!!!! Excellent! The only criticism i have... The very end. It sounds very cluttered with the voice overlayed with the regular instruments.

"1 AM MUSIC TIME! ive had this song title stuck in my head for a long time. today, finally, i felt that a song is worthy of it. so here it is. hope you enjoy repetitive basslines and drums precussion!
also im thinking that staying up for so late to make music might not be worth it"

This song has unfortunately loud bass, otherwise I quite like it.

Fun trivia time... The song's title is based on reality. And, as mentioned, I waited for a while before I made a song that fit it. I think I should've used MeowSynth for the lead though!

"when the feds appear in your driveway (relatable moment)"

Ahhh! I am very happy with this song! I originally started this one as a way to test out the Sforzando VST that I downloaded recently. The two main things- the guitar and piano- are played using that. The guitar is from the Fairlight Series III Factory SFZ sample pack and the piano is from Cuckoo's piano soundfont. I really got into the zone with this one! Wasn't made at 1AM or anything, either (although I am currently rather sleep deprived). Everything just clicked into place and any new elements I added to the song came naturally and fit with earlier stuff. So it's a great success... I'm really repeating myself here. Good night.

I uploaded a test video on showcasing the project file of this song. Here's the link: ☻☻☻

The song's title was suggested by Alan. "Bozo" suggested the title "federal agents are in your driveway", which landed second place! I do agree with him saying that the song sounds energised and panicked, so I referenced it in the soundcloud description.

And that's it for the songs so far... I should probably update this page every time I upload a new song to Soundcloud. Okay! Thanks for checking my music out! Goodbye.