Site update blog thing

14.06.2022: I worked on the right side bar. It displays ads now. :) Ery nice. I also separated it into its own html document (displayed using iframe) so that all of its instances can be changed at once... I should also do this with the header - add random songs? Mayhaps... Sounds cool

15.06.2022: Added some new ads and put the header in an iframe! Added the option to load random songs


04.07.2022: It was brought to my attention that the navigation bar was not showing on the Microsoft Edge web browser. I tried fixing it

18.07.2022: NYEHEHEHEH!!! I figured out custom URL parameters... So my site resides on one webpage only now! Check this link out: link! AWESOME, isn't it? I can link anywhere while using iframes for the content... And some html stored as strings as the article indexes... Uh, which isn't all that great I guess... But it works. IT WORKS.

14.08.2022: the site reached 10,000 views! Thank you. Here is "official" "commemorative" "art".

commemorative 10000 views art

19.08.2022: I updated the site layout to be more usable on mobile devices! Some other things look a bit wonky now but nothing horrible.

22.08.2022: Some more tweaks to the layout. Sidebar ads are now stored in a dictionary, instead of a bunch of arrays (much easier to manage). Images now have max-width: 96% in the css file, so I don't have to manually define a max-width everywhere now.

16.09.2022: I finally put the redirect function and the random music function into their own separate .js files. Also about me page updated.

22.09.2022: 15 views nice